The Original Snappy Beer Cheese Mix


Real Cheddar Cheese


Our Blends:            
Traditional:               A delicious mild snappy blend.                                                  
Hot Craze:                 We kicked up the heat
Jumping Jalapeño:   We call it "Hell-0-apeno" - whew! This hot and smokey blend is addictive.              


.......there are lots of stories how this delicious spread, Snappy Beer Cheese, came to be a traditional Kentucky taste treat.

As the verbal and online history goes, one summer back in the 1940s,  a cousin from AZ was visiting another cousin who had a restaurant along the bend of the Kentucky river between Madison and Clark County (close to Winchester KY).  As they were  discussing bar sales and how to increase sales, the visiting cousin whipped up a little “snappy cheese” and the craze began. 


Our story goes back 60 years.  For as long as my wife can remember, her Mother has made her own blend of “Snappy Beer Cheese”.   The recipe was never written down, she just grew up knowing how to make it.  Always during holidays and summers visits there would be traditional foods of Kentucky.  Country ham and fried green tomatoes and derby pie,  but it was her Snappy Beer Cheese everyone demanded. 

We are keeping that tradition going in our own family.  Converting our family recipe into an original dry mix has produced another true Kentucky Proud product.  A deliciously fresh mix of  real dry cheeses from right here in Kentucky.   I sent samples to family and friends, from Texas to New York,  Florida to California and all around Kentucky.  They all had opinions on taste and spice. The one sure thing, everyone loved having their beloved traditional snack arrive in their mailbox.  Stirring it up fresh from the cupboard and waiting in the fridge for a delicious back home taste treat to share with their family and friends.  A lot of work and time went into specializing this recipe and I know there is a variety you will love and enjoy.


 !!  Be Snappy Happy today  !!