The Original Snappy Beer Cheese Mix


Real Cheddar Cheese


Our Blends:            
The Traditional Mix
     A delicious mild cheesy blend for all of you who remember the original spread.                                                  
The Hot Craze Mix
      Kicked up - For those who always wanted the Original hotter.
The Jumping Jalapeno
     We call it "Hell-0-apeno" - whew!  This HOT and smokey blend is addictive.                                                         


               ........there are lots of stories how this delicious spread, Snappy Cheese, came to be a traditional Kentucky taste treat.

As the verbal and online history goes, one summer back in the 1940s,  a cousin from AZ was visiting another cousin who had a restaurant along the bend on the Kentucky river between Madison and Clark County.  As they were  discussing bar sales and trying to increase sales, the visiting cousin whipped up a little “snappy cheese” and the craze began.  Today there is as much history around Snappy Cheese as there is Daniel Boone in our Kentucky lore.
Many a  local family and former workers of the restaurant  have their own recipe blends of cheese, stale beer and spices. There are over one hundred commercially produced brands from Kentucky and across the states.  There is a “Beer Cheese Festival” in Winchester KY to praise, celebrate and crown the commercial and amateur entrants of the yearly contest.  However, Snappy Beer Cheese is not widely distributed because being premixed tubs makes it expensive and hard to ship safely, especially in summer’s heat.
                                                                                 That is --until now!      


Farmetta Snappy Beer Cheese Mix and a fork (Enhanced) from Farmetta on Vimeo.